Biomass Electric Boiler System

Biomass is usually burned in two ways. The most simplest method is a wood burning stove that is set inside a metal box made with cast iron. The doors on the front open to allow the fuel to be placed inside. There is also a small smokestack referred to as the flue – which removes any smoke, steam, and carbon dioxide. This smaller form is used to heat a single room.

The other way in which Biomass is burned is through the use of a boiler. This is the more sophisticated alternative and one that is commonly used. These units are designed to heat whole buildings through special piping systems. It has the ability to provide the building with heating and hot water and works much in the same way as a central heating boiler powered by oil or gas.

The Biomass boiler is one of the easiest to maintain. When starting the unit you have to load the biomass fuel (this could be wood chips, cereal plants, or wood pellets) inside of it and every two to eight weeks empty the ash from it. One of the best things about this is that you can recycle this and use it on your compost. It is truly one of the most eco-friendly boilers on the market.

The units are most similar to wood burning stoves. The main difference is that they do not have to be filled up manually when you need to use it. They are built with a large fuel hopper that will automatically fill the furnace when needed. The electric ignition system will ignite and start it for you.

These are environmentally friendly because they are powered through fossil fuels. The one problem is that it still produces small amounts of pollution that are released into the air. That is why you should look at the emissions before you purchase a unit. It helps to find one with a low emission rate to make it safer to use around your business.