Bosch Electric Boiler Systems

Bosch makes some of the more popular and widely used domestic and industrial boilers. Each model that they produce is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They use products like water source, solar thermal systems, geothermal heat pumps, condensing boilers, tankless water heaters, and hydronic solutions.

In order to provide their customers with the best units they will design every system to be efficient and to use natural resources, flexible systems, and to be easy for anyone to use. They are constantly coming out with new technology and products to make them work better than the last and to be affordable for everyone.

Bosch Pro Tankless Gas Water Boiler

Boilers are used to heat water or to provide central heating to the building. One of their most popular product is the Bosch Pro Tankless Gas Water Boiler. This is a domestic water heater that will conserve energy and give people an endless supply of hot water. These are designed to be small, lightweight, and easy to maintain and install.

These systems are available for both natural gas or propane fuel and have the ability to provide someone with hot water in just a few seconds. It can be installed as a central system or for specific needs. Each of these units are hung on the wall to save on floor space.

Bosch Powerstream Pro Electric Water Boilers

These point of use water heaters have the ability to supply hot water to at least two sinks at one time. They are some of the easiest to install and help to save money each month. These are used in homes or businesses and run without the need of long pipes – which means there is no heat loss.

The water is heated while it flows along the Powerstream so that the hot water never runs out. It is designed to be compact and is able to be mounted in any direction. This system uses solid copper heat exchanger and copper sheathed heating elements that instantly heat the water.