Commercial Electric Boilers

We have talked many times already about the various types of electric boilers, their features, and how they function. It is important for us to look at the various commercial electric boilers that are on the market. These boilers are a great deal larger than the domestic units and are designed to work extra hard and extra long.

TS Commercial Boilers

This particular commercial boiler is designed with a much bigger hydronic heating technology and is able to push out around 123,000 BTU’s. It is available in a variety of capactities, voltages, and has a number of features that you cannot always find on a domestic model.

It has been given an efficiency rating of 100% and is built with temperature sensing technology, relay staging, and vessel configuration. The consistent temperature output helps it to run at a constant temperature and to keep from overworking itself and consuming too much energy. This compact unit costs around $2,600.

Rheem Commercial Boilers

This fifty gallon heavy duty commercial boiler from Rheem is surface mounted and built with an immersion thermostat. The lifeguard stainless steel makes it a durable unit and helps to keep it from corroding easily. It is also built with magnetic contactors, integral fusing, and rigid foam insulation. This model costs around $5,600.

American Standard Commercial Boilers

A commercial boiler from American Standard is built with an eighty gallon capacity and can produce between 76,000 to 512,000 BTU’s. It is designed to deliver a large amount of hot water for various applications through the rapid hourly hot water recovery system. This unit is commonly used in restaurants, apartment buildings, motels, hospitals, and other large businesses.

The units are built with heavy gauge steel and the inside of the tank is completely enameled with DURA-GLAS TM. This helps it to resist corrosion caused by the hot water. This model costs around $2,600.