Common Electric Boiler Features

Electric boilers are some of the most popular units that are used to heat up large businesses and homes. They can be used with in floor radiant heating and hot water baseboard systems. These are so popular because they are efficient and often inexpensive to purchase. Each one is designed to be compact so that it can be placed anywhere inside of the building and to make it compatible with the piping lines that will carry the heat all over.

There are a number of features to consider if you are thinking about buying a unit. They function through the power of electricity. This means that these have absolutely no harmful emissions of carbon monoxide, gas leaks, or any amount of back drafting. All of these problems can be associated with oil and gas boilers.

They come in a variety of sizes – but this does not keep it from being one of the easiest units to install. Each one is able to deliver heat to all areas evenly. Even the more compact models have the ability to heat up to a thousand square feet of space in the home.


Along with the good features there are some problems that can occur and which should also be considered. One of the biggest to think about is the environmental hazard. Though they do not expel any carbon monoxide they do feed on fossil energy – which can cause pollutants to be expelled into the air.

Another disadvantage is the amount of money you might spend to keep it running each month. The overall cost of the unit might be cheaper than the other units. However, you still need to spend between $100 to $400 or more on electric bills every month. This number can be reduced when you purchase a unit that has high efficiency technology and understand how to run it without it using up so much energy in one day.