How To Install Electric Boiler Systems

There are many people who will be using an older hot water boiler system in their home or office. These can be efficient – but many people prefer to change these out with an electric boiler system. If you think that the job of installing the new boiler is too much than you can hire a professional contractor to do it for you.

  • The first thing you have to do is to remove the older hot water boiler to make way for the new system. To do this you need to turn off the main water and shut the valve off at the line. Once this has been turned off you need to turn the electricity to the boiler off. Use a voltage meter to make sure that you have done it correctly.
  • Now that has been completed you need to turn a sink on. This will help to relieve pressure that has built up inside of the lines. Both the hot and cold needs to be turned on or you will have a big mess on your hands. Run them until no more water comes out. You still might have some coming from the boiler – but this is normal.
  • To remove the boiler you need to find the wires that lead up to it. Track them down to the hooks up to the boiler and remove them. There might be tiny screws you have to remove in order to get at them.
  • Use towels to unhook the pipes. Be sure that you label the pipes so you know what parts go where on the new unit. Detach them and place them aside with a towel underneath them. Move the boiler out of the room with some help. It is quite heavy.
  • Bring in the new electric boiler system (again using help). Look at the lettering on the boiler that will tell you where the hot and cold connections should be placed. Simple place the plumbers tape on the H and C (hot and cold) openings around the groove. Screw the corresponding pipes (that you labeled) to them.
  • Look for a little plate on the top of the unit. This will have between two to four screws holding it together. Unscrew these and lift the plate off. You will find a place to hook up all of the necessary wires. Use the manual to know where it all should go. When the wiring is done screw the plate back on. Clean up any water that is on the floor.
  • Go back to the main valve and turn the water back on. Look around the unit to make sure that no water is leaking. Once the water heater has filled up and the water has stopped running you can turn the electricity back on.