How To Replace The Thermostat

There are times when something on our electric boiler system will break. For some parts we need professional help to come and open the unit up and replace it for us. However, there are some fixes that we can easily do on our own. One of the easiest is replacing the thermostat.

  • Look on your boiler to see how many thermostats it uses. Some of the larger industrial models will have two. Find out the brand, model, and type of boiler that you are using and purchase the proper thermostats at the local home improvement store.
  • To begin you need to grab a voltmeter and a phillips head screwdriver. Turn the circuit breaker off to the unit. This is located in the electrical panel box.
  • Remove the screw that are securing the lower and upper access panels to the water heater tank using the screwdriver. Now take off the panels and pull the insulation out if any is covering the thermostat.
  • Place a probe of the voltmeter on one of the wire terminal screws on the top of the thermostat. Scratch the body of the water heater using another of the probes. This will give you the best grounding. You should not be able to get a reading. If you do than you turned off the wrong breaker.
  • Disconnect the wires that extend to the upper portion of the thermostat and remove the wire terminal screws. Now disconnect the screws that are keeping the top thermostat to the water heater.
  • Put the new top thermostat into place on the water heat and secure the new thermostat with the remaining screws. Make sure to bend the wires so that they hook round the terminal screws.
  • Now remove the wires from the thermostat on the bottom. Take away the screws keeping it attached to the water heater and pull it off.
  • Attach the new thermostat and secure it into place with the screws. Connect the wires to the terminal screws and tighten them in place.
  • Fold the insulation back over the thermostat and reattach the access panel covers. Turn the circuit breaker back on.