How To Size An Electric Boiler

When it comes to installing a boiler unit into our home or business the first thing we usually do is call a specialist who can take care of it for us. This is a good idea – but why not try to save a bit of money and do it yourself? Electric boilers are some of the easiest to install. Before you can actually install the unit you must first know what size it should be.

Before you go out and gather up the blue prints and start counting the square feet you must know that there is an easier way to do this. We learned the hard way that the size of the unit is not determined by the size of the house – but by the amount of heat that is lost from it.

House Measurements

Now you can take your ruler and measure the dimensions of all of the rooms. If you are measuring a home exclude the basement, attic, and garage. These areas should only be added if you plan on having piping running through them so they can receive a bit of heat.

Type Of Insulation

When a home is losing large amounts of heat it is most likely caused by a lack of insulation. Cheaper homes will have very cheap or small amounts of insulation that is not able to trap the heat inside of the home. This means that your boiler must be larger so that it can make up for this. Try to find out what was used and how much of it your home has.


Heat loss can also be caused by the windows in the building. Go around your home and count all of the windows. Make sure to write down if they are single or double pan and what materials were used to make them. Fireplaces should be added to this list.