Hydronic vs. Electric Radiant Heating

The two most common types of radiant heating systems; hydronic and electris. Both of these are used to heat residential floors. Hydronic functions through a gas or oil boiler and will heat the water before pumping it through tubes placed under the floor. Electric is made up of cables that are placed under the floor. A thermostat is connected to the power outlet and heat sensors will detect the temperature of the floor.

Advantages Of Hydronic Systems

Hydronic heating is considered to be the more complex of both systems. It must be installed by a professoinal contractor. This system requires the use of manifolds, wood panels, and PEX tubing. The under flooring will increase the cost of both units and this can cost up to $4 per square foot of material you use.

These water based radiant systems are able to be installed under any type of flooring and can be extremely quiet when compared to most other units. It is able to heat up the entire room evenly and is 20% to 40% more efficient than the electric systems when used properly.

It is not uncommon for people who suffer from allergies to use hydronic heating because it does not stir up dust or allergens inside of the home. You can use various types of equipment including; solar power, geothermal energy, water heaters, and electric or wood boilers.

Advantages Of Electric Systems

Electronic radiant heating systems can be expensive – but they are simple to install. This allows people to install it on their own and to save money. The heat is carried through electric cables – which are often sold in packages. The wiring is simple to understand as long as you have a basic knowledge of it.

These systems do not require an underlying level and will only raise the elevation by an eighth of an inch. Hydronic systems will raise it to at least two inches. The heating will begin thirty minutes to an hour to turn on and heat up fully. This is fast when compared ot the seven hours it takes for the hydronic system.

One of the biggest advantages of the electric heating is the amount of money it will save you. It is constantly turning on and off and it will only use energy when it is on. They also have no moving parts – which makes it easy for you to maintain it and avoid any damages in the future.